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There is a set method to international expansion
Unsure how to take your business international?

“There is no shortcut to international business expansion”
However, with a little care, it is possible to avoid losing one’s path or taking the long way around, which leads to wasted time.
Paccloa Co., Ltd. is a specialist that has witnessed both many successes and many failures,
and this website is a condensed version of the international business expansion know-how we have accumulated along our journey.
Our single greatest joy is to help our customers succeed at expanding their businesses beyond Japan.

There is a certain “method” to international expansion.
Paccloa has drawn up a roadmap for each step with hints to help you expand your business overseas for the first time.
First, please read the item that concerns you the most.

When considering international business expansion, a feasibility study must first be conducted correctly to evaluate whether such a goal is possible.
In this section, let’s take a detailed look at the methods of evaluating feasibility from various angles.

Is Your Company Capable of International Expansion?
Do you have a business model?
Have you considered risk management?
Are you managing your intellectual property?
Do you know about import/export regulations/standards?

The main capabilities needed for international business expansion are international trade administration skills, business English ability, and intercultural adaption.
Here, we will explain about the significance of, and methods for, developing various capabilities.

Let’s acquire the necessary capabilities for international expansion.
Do you know how to carry out trade administration tasks?
Can you communicate in business English?
Can you adapt to other cultures?

Formulating and implementing strategies aimed at overseas markets lead to new discoveries in domestic operations.
Let’s take a look at how to build concrete strategies.

Let’s Formulate Strategies for Overseas Markets
Is your overseas marketing functioning?
Do you have a global website?
Are you achieving overseas branding?

There are gains to be had even from your first overseas exhibition. However, sufficient preparation and careful, concrete practice are necessary.

Let’s Ensure Your First Overseas Exhibit/Overseas Sales Are Successful
Do you know what the knacks of overseas exhibits are?
Are you capable of overseas sales?

We will confirm the potential for overseas investment to be successful through a local survey based on a formulated plan. This section goes over the specific procedures to go about this.

Are there good reasons to invest overseas?
Have you conducted a feasibility study in the overseas country?

Paccloa’s Tips

See here for useful tips to ensure your fast and certain successful international expansion

Unsure how to take your business international?

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Unsure how to take your business international?

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Unsure how to take your business international?

FREE Consultation 6 support organizations / 3 websites summarizing support measures for international expansion

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No Commercial Value Invoice for hand-carry baggage [Excel] Documents required for International expansion

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Unsure how to take your business international?

International expansion or not. No company can escape the 2035 problem of labor shortages and shrinking markets in Japan [Diagnostic chart available to determine whether you can succeed in International expansion and whether you have the foundation to do so].

Business ModelInternational ExpansionInternational expansion support consultantshorthandedSMEs

For consulting and practical (on-the-job) support for SMEs, leave it to Paccloa.
Support for a total of over 1,900 companies entering overseas markets.